Why The Bar Council Of India Imposes A Temporary Prohibition On Starting New Law Colleges?

Updated: Feb 7

On 11th August,2019, the Bar Council of India has imposed a three-year moratorium on opening of new institutions except national law universities, if proposed by a state.

  • A Press Release by the Council has clarified that the only the pending proposals for affiliations would be considered and no fresh application for the same shall be entertained. The decision was taken by the Bar Council of India in its meeting where the council discussed and engaged in long and careful consideration to the issue raised by its member Ved Prakash Sharma regarding the mushrooming of law colleges in the country.

  • In the resolution, Bar Council Of India has said that there are about 1,500 law colleges in the country and due to the "lethargic" attitude of universities and "some states", several colleges were running without proper infrastructure.Thus, the Bar Council Of India will for the next three years focus on improving the existing institutions, and those which don’t have proper infrastructure will be going to be close.

  • “The idea behind the moratorium is to clamp down on the unregulated growth of law colleges across the country and also to improve the falling standards of legal education. For the next three years, Bar Council of India will lay stress on improvement of standards of existing institutions and institutions that have no proper infrastructure and faculty will be closed down,“ said Manan Mishra, the chairman of Bar Council Of India.

  • The council has also requested state governments and universities to stop unfair means and to fill up vacancies of law teachers in all colleges and universities within a period of four months.

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