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Why Constitutional Remedies Called as a Heart And Soul Of Indian Constitution?

Before going towards the reason why constitutional remedies called as a heart and soul of Indian Constitution, first we have to know what actually Article 32 of Constitution Of India states about? So...

  • According to Article 32 of The Constitution Of India - the right to Constitutional remedies means that a person has right to move to Supreme Court or high courts for getting his fundamental rights protected. While Supreme Court has power to issue writs under article 32, High Courts have been given same powers under article 226.

  • Dr. Ambedkar stated that: “If I was asked to name any particular article in this Constitution as the most important- an article without which this Constitution would be a nullity— I could not refer to any other article except this one. It is the very soul of the Constitution and the very heart of it and I am glad that the House has realized its importance.”

  • And the reason why he stated constitutional remedies as heart and soul of the constitution because it was the only right in Indian Constitution which makes other fundamental rights effective by going directly to the Supreme Court or High Court of a State,if their is occurrence of any kind of violation of fundamental rights of the citizens.