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What Is NRC ? - The National Register Of Citizens.

  • The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register containing names of all genuine Indian citizens. It was first conducted in 1951 to enumerate Indian citizens.

  • The North-East Indian state of Assam has become the first state in India where the update of the NRC is being taken up to include the names of those persons whose names appeared in the NRC, 1951 & still alive and/or of their presently living descendants having permanent residence within the state.

  • For inclusion in NRC, a unique legacy code is to be submitted in the form to establish parental linkage before March 25, 1971.

  • Legacy documents include electoral rolls up to March 25, 1971, and the 1951 NRC which was digitised and each person allotted a unique legacy code.

  • Apart from legacy documents, any of 12 other documents, including land and tenancy record, citizenship certificate, refugee registration certificate, passport, bank or LIC document, education certificate, etc., can be submitted.

  • For married women, a document issued by the Circle Officer or Gram Panchayat secretary could be furnished.

  • NRC does not guarantee citizenship. The detection of foreigners by the Border Police is continuing whether their suspects are included in the NRC or not.