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Legal Affairs For The Month Of January 2021

  • The Assam Government recently tabled a bill that will abolish all the state-run Madrassas and will convert them into schools from April 1, 2021. The bill is called Assam Repealing Bill, 2020. Key Features of the Bill The bill will abolish two existing acts namely, The Assam Madrassa Education (Provincialisation) Act, 1995.

  • The Turkish Parliament recently passed the act called “Preventing Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction”. The bill would increase the monitoring of civil society groups. About the Bill, The bill was passed following the 2019 report on Turkey prepared by the Intergovernmental body Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

  • The Assam assembly recently passed the Assam Ease of Doing Business (Amendment) Bill, 2020. The bill makes amendments to the Assam ease of doing the business act, 2016. The amendment will avail 0.25% additional borrowing from the centre.

  • Argentina recently became the largest Latin American country to legalize abortion. Under the new law, Argentina has legalized abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy. In India, abortion is legal till the 24th week of pregnancy according to the medical termination of pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2020.

  • The National Defence Authorisation Act, 2021 was enacted by the United States to specify budget, expenditure and policies of the United States Department of Defence for the fiscal year 2021. The act determined the annual budget of the United States as 740.5 USD. The first National Defence authorisation act, 2021 was passed in 1961.

  • The United States recently passed the Malala Yousafzai Act for Pakistani Women. The Act requires the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to award at least 50% of scholarship to Pakistani women between 2020 and 2022.

  • On January 5, 2020, the Supreme Court allowed the Central Vista Project to go ahead. The Central Vista project aims to renovate 86 acres of land in the Lutyen’s Garden in New Delhi.

  • The Reserve Bank of India recently announced the introduction of the Legal Entity Identifier System. The Reserve Bank of India introduced the Legal Entity Identifier system for all payment transactions of fifty crores and above through NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).

  • US President Donald Trump has become the first president of the country to be impeached twice. Impeachment of Donald Trump The House of Representatives of the United States recently voted to charge President Trump with inciting mob attack on US Congress.

  • The Allahabad High Court recently ruled that couples planning to marry under Special Marriage Act shall choose not to publish thirty-day notice before registering their marriage. According to the judgement, the provisions of the act invade the fundamental rights of liberty and privacy.

  • The Supreme Court recently upheld the validity of Section 32 A of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

  • The Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, has launched the “Union Budget Mobile App” ahead of the presentation of the Union Budget on February 1, 2021. The mobile app was launched for hassle-free access of Budget-related documents by Members of Parliament (MPs) and the public.

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