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Legal Affairs For The Month Of December 2020

  • The French Cabinet recently presented a draft law that targets “Radical Islamism”. Key Features of the Proposed Law The law aims to envisage a range of measures that includes school education reforms to make sure Muslim children do not drop out of school. It aims to provide strict controls on preachers and mosques.

  • Recently, the UC FTC (Federal Trade Commission) filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Facebook under the Sherman Anti-trust Act. The social media giant is under the scanner for its acquisition of Instagram and Whatsapp. Why was the lawsuit filed against Facebook? According to the lawsuit, the actions of Facebook deny consumers the benefit of competition.

  • The Maharashtra Government recently launched the Maharashtra Shakti Criminal Law (Maharashtra Amendment) Act, 2020 and the Special Court and Machinery for the implementation of the Maharashtra Shakti Criminal Law, 2020. The Maharashtra Shakti Bill has been framed in line with the Andhra Pradesh Disha Act that was passed in 2019.

  • The French President Emmanuel Macron recently announced a referendum to add the fight against climate change into the French Constitution. Also, the need to preserve the environment is to be added.

  • The Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act are two recent landmark legislations from the European Union. The draft legislation gives specific regulations to limit the powers of global internet companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon in the European market. Under the legislation, the larger firms are designated as ‘digital gatekeepers’ and would be subject to stricter regulations. Violation of competition rules could invite as much as 10% of the firm’s annual turnover.

  • Pakistan's government has recently passed a presidential decree to expedite cases of sexual abuse against children and women. Decree has been passed after protest over a gang rape of a woman whose car ran out of fuel. The woman was travelling along with her two children. Anti-rape ordinance is valid only for four months after which it requires parliamentary approval.

  • The Gujarat Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Act, 2020 recently came into force in the state of Gujarat. The law seeks to protect small farmers and citizens against land-grabbing through establishment of committees and special courts in each district. It also has provisions of 14 years of imprisonment for land grabbers.

  • The Karnataka State Legislative Council recently passed the Land Reforms (Amendment) Bill 2020. The 2020 amendment bill seeks to amend the Karnataka Land reforms Act of 1961. The 1961 Act brought in restrictions on ownership of agricultural lands in the state. The amendment removes 3 sections of the Act to allow ownership of farmlands by non-agriculturists. It also removed the income barrier for purchasing farmland i.e. the provision that only people with an income of less than 25 lakh INR per annum. The Land Reforms Act, 1961 is being diluted by successive state governments in the state to facilitate industrial growth and agricultural land ownership by non-farmers.

  • The Union Ministry of Power recently drafted the Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Rules, 2020. These rules are being drafted for the first time in Indian history.

  • The US President Donald Trump recently signed the Stopgap Funding Bill. The bill provides the lawmakers two more days to sort out few issues in the ongoing negotiations about the 900 billion USD aid package.

  • The Parliamentary Standing Committee under the leadership of Anand Sharma recently submitted its report, “Management of COVID-19 pandemic and related issues”. The report was submitted to the Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu. The report has recommended to set up the National Migrant Worker Database at the earliest.

  • The Assam Cabinet recently approved the bill to make Bodo an official language of the state. The bill has been framed in accordance with the Bodo Peace Accord signed between the Government of India, Assam Government, four Bodo rebel groups and two Bodo organizations.

  • The United States Senate has recently passed the Tibetan policy and support act of 2020. The bill was already passed in the house of representatives of the United States in January 2020. Key features of the Act The Tibetan Policy and Support Act, 2020 is based on the Tibet Policy Act of 2002.

  • The Madhya Pradesh cabinet recently approved the Religious Freedom Bill, 2020. Under the bill, forcing religious conversions will attract a fine of Rs 25,000 and one to five years of imprisonment. Key Features of the bill The bill is to replace the Religious Freedom Act, 1968.

  • The US President Donald Trump recently signed the 900 billion USD relief package that will help in Government funding and COVID-19 relief measures. About the package It is a part of the 2.3 trillion USD spending package.

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