Classification Of DEFINITION of Law - Jurisprudence (In A Very Short Explanation)

Updated: Feb 7

The Definition Of Law is classified into five categories which are stated as follows -

1. Natural Definition of law.

2. Postivistic Definition.

3. Historical Definition of law.

4. Sociological Definition.

5. Realistic Definition.

  • According to salmond ,Natural definition of law is "body of principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration of justice". And Roman jurists at ancient time given these sort of definitions of law but as per ancient hindu view , law is the command of god which bounds everybody obey it, including the ruler.

  • According to john austin's theory of law ,it is the command of sovereign which means that law is a aggregate of set of rules by a man to men as political subject. This theory is considered as one of the postivistic approach in defining the law.

  • As Per Savigny's theory of law, the historical definition of law is determined by following points of the theory that -

i. law is found and not made.

ii. law is not universal in nature and it varies with people.

iii. customs are superior than legislation and legislation is the last stage of making of law.

  • According to duguit's definition of law - Law is nothing else but just a "social fact" which clearly determines the sociological definition of law.

  • And realists defines law as a "judicial process" which considered as a realist definition of law.

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