8 Basic Legal Requirements For Your Website

The legal requirements for the website are not vast, but it’s important to know what information is necessary on your website to fulfill those requirements. So, here are the rules website owner must follow to avoid any legal trouble -

  • Make sure your website has a privacy policy - Every website should have a privacy policy – a clear disclosure of how you’ll be using any data that you collect.

  • Make sure you can legally use all content - This is quite important when it comes to preventing plagiarism, recognizing others’ talent, and appreciating their work.

  • Respecting copyright - If it doesn't say the material is available for copy, you must assume it is under copyright.

  • Trademark with a domain name - Buying a domain name that infringes on someone's trademark rights is also not allowed, even if it is slightly different.

  • Online Selling - https://www.legalbonanza.com/post/what-are-the-legal-requirements-to-start-the-e-commerce-business-website-in-india

  • Terms & Conditions - Include a Terms & Conditions page to your website, this page turns out to be beneficial when it comes to limiting your responsibility and also secures your right to the content that you have published on your website.

  • Disclaimer - Put disclaimers on the website in case there are omissions or errors, or you are using any third-party’s links.

  • Put Contact Information - This information includes your registered address, email ID, contact number, etc.

Disclaimer - This post is just for an information purpose, we do not claim any authenticity regarding the content of this post. If you find any content which is offensive or infringes on your intellectual property rights for any reason, you are free to contact and inform us at any moment. We will consider requests to remove the content but we are not obligated to or so or to respond to you directly.

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